Increasing Productivity in Agriculture and Forestry

By using Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) images (combination of pictures and infrared-images), vegetable health and soil composition can be monitored and crop-yields can be maximized. With our UAVs it is possible to assess environmental conditions, e.g. by measuring plant growth and biomass production.

Till today mainly satellites and manned aircraft have been used for this, due to the use of multicopters it is now possible to use this technique more efficiently, more focused and cost efficiently.


  • comprehensive, visual Display of agriculture and forestry areas
  • crop images
  • information on maturation- and cultivation state
  • assessment of water-, snow-, hail-, storm-, fire- and wild game damage
  • determination of dead wood extend, insect attack, emission damage etc.
  • Furthermore it is not only possible to take aerial images but our High Eye UAVs can also be used for crop dusting due to long flight times and high payloads



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