The fields of application for drones are as numerous as available technologies.

Whenever aerial images / data are needed it is worth considering using UAVs.

In many cases unmanned drones are a flexible and cost-efficient option to satellites, manned helicopters or aircraft, however it needs to be weighed if the use of UAVs is technically and economically useful.

Depending on individual requirements regarding payloads, applications, flight times, design specifications etc. the architecture of the copter needs to be adapted and the ideal interaction between the components (frame, flight control, various sensors, propellers, motors, batteries...) needs to be delivered.

We are able to design individual drones and to produce according to your demands as well as to prepare your tailored service-concept, no matter if you purchase your own flight-platform or if you would like to revert to our equipment and know-how.

You can count on us for all questions regarding practicability, product choice, used technologies, economic and technological efficiency as well as legal aspects.

We are happy to work with you on feasibility studies, efficiency assessments and business plans, based on our long lasting best-practice-experience.


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