UAVs of different vendors for every application:

Short Distance or Long Endurance, Quadro-, Hexa- or Octocopter, Electrical or with Gas Engine...

You will get the right copter for every application and every budget from us.

Requirements for UAVs are different. For Safety / Security and Maintenance normally quadrocopters with a payload of 1Kg max. are sufficient and criteria like usability, stable flight behavior and the integration into existing infrastructure (e.g. live stream to central control / command center) is crucial.

For film production most often octocopter with higher payloads for professional camera systems are used and the focus is put on accurate maneuverability and high-quality camera gimbals for smooth and vibration-free panning shots.

Regardless for which application, HoverSpective stands for proven multicopters from selected suppliers incl. service and maintenance, high resilience level and latest technologies.

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