Up to 2kg Payload

The X6 Aibot Hexakopter carries an additional payload of up to 2kg. This is realized by the 6 rotors that are driven by maintenance-free, brushless motors. The size and weight results an enormous flight stability and even in strong wind impressive results are possible.

Precise control

The 6 rotors and performance engines provide a massive thrust. The copter reached a climb rate of 8 m/sec and a speed of 60 km/h. Even if one motor would fail the Aibot X6 has enough power to fly safely.

Ultra lightweight design with collision protection

The innovative lightweight carbon fiber casing provides protection to the propellers when the UAV is flying close to objects. Persons and objects protected by the case from the rotating propellers.

Programmable routes

The Aibot X6 can fly programmed flight paths autonomously and independently take predefined aerial photos. The coordinates could be entered in the Software on a map. After launching the drone the software takes control and flys along the flight path automaticaly. With programmed routes it is possible to make Aerial photographs for land surveying, 3D models of buildings, building development, thermography images for the maintenance of solar systems, detailed aerial photos for the maintenance of power lines or wind turbines or images for the inspection of bridges. The application possibilities are almost endless.

Camera mount

The intuitive camera mount with automatic pitch and roll compensation provides steady and blur-free pictures and videos. You can change the settings during the flight and move from horizontal to vertical camera angle. The unit is compatible with professional SLR, thermografic, video cameras, and many others. Additionally a live stream via a small camera can be transmitted to the ground station or to the video eyeglasses (optional).

Control panel on tablet PC

In addition to the RC remote control, the Aibot X6 can also be controlled using a Tablet PC. Therefor no RC experience is required. Almost all of the functions of the copter can be reviewed and changed by the control panel.

Aibotix Tablet-PC Steering

The control system for the copter is a tablet-PC, which makes these copters user-friendly. Former experiences flying copters is not necessary.

These copters, which are made completely from carbon are used, for example, for professional aerial photography, for inspection services, measurements or observation, where a high degree of automation is needed in order to accomplish the assignment or requirement. Industrial tasks like inspection of industrial facilities of overhead power lines require accomplished handling easily achieved by this new novel concept and design.

Training for the tablet-PC controlling system can be undertaken in a few minutes.

Auto start and auto-landing

Most accidents happen during takeoff and landing. But not when controlled by tablet pc! It is possible to start the copter automatically on the surface of the touch screen without any experience. Once the UAV has started, you can take control and steer the copter.

Position Hold

The copter can be conntrolled by position hold. With the built-in GPS system, the copter can automatically hold a predetermined position. For example you can switch to position hold and change the camera angle to reach a different camera view.

Coming Home

In the fact that the UAV goes out of range, you can use the coming home function. After activating the UAV automatically returns to the starting position.

UAV and camera control separately

If desired, you can control the copter by two people. One person controls the UAV and the other person the camera. With this option you can make impressive shots.

Video broadcast FPV (First person View)

The video broadcast (optional) can transfer the live image of the copter. The video broadcast, can be viewed by the ground station or by a video display goggles and can be controlled as beeing on board.

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