Aibot-X6 Technical Details

Length/width 3.4 feet
Height 1.5 feet
Housing CFK (Carbon)
Weight 2.450 g
Max. Weight
incl. Max Extra weight and one Battery
ca. 5.000 g
Max. Extra weight 2.000 g
Max. Speed 55.9 mph
Climb rate 22.4 mph
Flight height up to 13123 feet over MS
up to 6560 feet over ground
Flight time up to 40 minutes (dependent on payload)
Temperature 32-104 F°
Sensors GPS, Gyroskop, 
8 ultrasonic sound sensors, Smart-Camerasystem with DSP
Controlling Tablet-PC (optional)
Battery Litium-Polymer 6000 – 10000 mA

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