UAV for autonomous Monitoring with flight times up to bis 2 hours and Payloads up to 8 Kg.


Fully Autonomous VTOL Flight


The HEF30-Ca is the perfect UAV for survey work. Equipped with an advanced pan and tilt unit, this aircraft is the ideal platform to deliver high quality aerial pictures with HD, DV Cam and video using 16mm or 35mm film camera. This lightweight UAV permits a variable centre of gravity, which allows the user to attach extra sensors or other equipment. In combination with its reliability and stable flight properties, its fully automated flight system and a mission time of up to 2 hours, the HEF30-Ca is the ideal companion to do survey and observation work that would otherwise be impossible.


Standard flight time 2 hours +
Engine Modified 30cc / two stroke
Battery autonomy approx. 6 hours, signal lights incl. landing lights
Max altitude 3000 m
Cruise speed 80 km/h (for best endurance)
Top speed 145 km/h
Total dimensions length 1650 mm - height 800 mm - width 500 mm
Rotor diameter 1840 mm
Payload 8 kg [ depending on fuel load and flight time required]
Total weight 7 kg [fuel not included]
Material CNC carbon fibre and aluminum
Maintenance Every 150 hours
Payload 8 kg
Range 100 kms
Weather conditions Operational
and storage temperature
splash-proof, temperature range allowed -15 to +45 C - drizzle rain
Max. wind speed 12 m/s

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