Flight times up to 6 hours and Paaylods up to 20 Kg.

Carries up to a 20kg payload fully autonomously - flight operational for several hours

The HEF80 is a lightweight UAV that is designed for demanding jobs. If you have an application that requires a strong unmanned helicopter that can lift heavy payloads, fly long distances along planned routes and do its job fully autonomously even in rigorous weather conditions, the HE80 is your machine of choice. This highly reliable UAV is suited for demanding surveillance jobs, as well as for professional filming, camera observations and agricultural applications like crop dusting.



Standard flight time Several hours, depending on fuel load (max 6 hours)
Engine Modified 78.3 cc petrol
Battery autonomy approx. 8 hours
Max altitude 3000 m
Cruise speed 80 km/h (for best endurance)
Top speed 145 km/h
Total dimensions length 200 cm - height 80 cm - width 50 cm
Rotor diameter 255 cm
Payload 20 kg [ depending on fuel load and flight time required]
Total weight 15 kg
Material CNC Carbon Fibre & Aluminum
Weather conditions Operational
and storage temperature
splash-proof, - drizzle rain temperature range allowed -15 to +45 C 

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