Aerial images Service: Photo & Video incl. Postproduction

Wet Leasing: Drone incl. Pilot and Photograph

Technical Maintenance

Flight Training

With latest technologies, experienced pilots and extraordinary photographs we deliver aerial images our clients need incl. pre- and postproduction.

Together with our clients we determine for which requirements we use which technology, which pilot, if an additional camera-operator is needed and if he/her will be provided by us or by the client. Of course we take care of insurance and legal matters.

In case you intend to buy your own copter we support you technically and regarding your choice of the right vendor. Afterwards we are available for spare-parts- and maintenance service and offer individual flight training, depending on the fields of application.

Flight Training

Theory and Practice for the right Handling of Copters



Spare Parts, Repairing & Maintenance of your Copter


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