You need aerial images or videos for film- / commercial production, for maintenance reasons, surveillance or GEO-mapping without buying your own UAV?

We provide you with the right drone for your requirements, combined with a professional pilot and a UAV-experienced camera operator as needed.

We take care about flight permissions and the communication with involved authorities.




  • High-resolution Camera (Video/Photo)
  • 3D Camera, Full HD Camera 1080p
  • emission-free and low noise level
  • Stable horizon
  • Computer based autopilot and GPS
  • No minimum altitude
  • Deployable quick and flexible
  • Immediate assessment of material
  • Little downwinds
  • Eco-friendly batteries
  • Less expensive than conventional flight with helicopters
  • Applicable almost everywhere
  • Insurance coverage, flight permissions
  • Live-Broadcast



Main Benefits

  • More flexible and cost-efficient than helicopter of camera-crane
  • Individual payloads (e.g. EOS 5D Mark II)
  • Smooth aerial images
  • Easy operation with tablet-PC possible
  • Flughöhe bis zu 1000 Metern
  • Programmable flight paths / Waypoint Navigation

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