Camera suspension for perfect aerial videos

Offering maximum flexibility and image quality, our camera suspensions are the right solution for ambitious aerial videos. A carbon construction which is free of play and torsion prevents any possible shaking or vibrating of the video. The system processes information about the position of the UAV drone immediately, this way keeping the camera steady all the time. Using carbon rigorously we have realized a lightweight solution, which allows the user to fly the UAVs longer with one battery or to equip it with a heavier camera.

Thanks to the mount the camera can be operated confidently even when it flies several hundred meters in air. A small camera, fixed to the mount, transmits real-time images to the ground station. Then the user can rotate the camera up to 135° vertically and also alter its horizontal position − either via Tablet-PC or via remote control. In order to control advanced camera functions such as zoom or sharpness optimally we offer solutions customized to the respective camera type. If desired we can also offer a solution to operate the camera and the UAV drone separately.

The camera suspension works with common camera modells such as the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, the Nikon D5100 or even RED EPIC.


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