Aerial images between ground and 2000 meters

Camera drones are closing the gap between conventional methods like camera cranes and manned helicopters. The systems are mainly used in heights between 0 and 100 meters with a speed up to 60 km/h.

An electronic Flight control is stabilizing the drone permanently so accurate maneuvers and stable aerial recordings are possible. A Gyro-stabilized camera remote-head is carrying the camera which can be rolled, nicked and panned 360°.

The system is using various accelerometers and a high sensitive GPS system in order to transmit its' position in space. All telemetry data are transmitted to a ground station (Laptop) permanently. The live-Video Transmission allows a direct control of the camera by the pilot or an additional camera operator. 

Waypoint-Navigation and integration of e.g. Google Maps allows to pre-define flight paths that are flown by the drone autonomously.

Due to the use of Lithium Polymer Batteries the system works totally free of emissions. Therefore it is also possible to work with drones indoor if enough space is available.

With digital Video Transmission it is possible to transmit video in realtime and in HD-Quality to the ground station while it is saved locally as well. The range depends on the used antennas.


Cost efficient and simple

Compared to manned planes or helicopters the use of UAVs is much more inexpensive. In addition to that the preparation time as well as the personal and material effort is minimized. The system is ready-to-use in minutes and provides you with visual feedback on the ground permanently.


Permissions and Insurance

For commercial use normally flight permissions are needed which are granted differently in different countries / regions depending on particular legal regulations. We take care of these permissions as well as of needed insurances.


Maximized Safety

  • completely ducted propellers (optional)
  • safe landing in case of motor failure
  • automatic obstacle avoiding (optional)
  • automatic landing in case of low batteries


  • high resolution Video/Photo
  • 3D camera, Full HD camera 1080p
  • stable Horizon
  • computer based autopilot and GPS
  • no minimum flight altitude
  • deployable quickly and flexible
  • immediate assessment of material
  • emission free and low noise level
  • little downwinds
  • eco-friendly battery operation
  • cheaper than manned helicopters or cranes
  • deployable almost everywhere
  • Live-Broadcast

Long Endurance Helicopter (Gas Engines)

In contrast to electrical operated UAVs these unmanned helicopters can be used for long ranges (several hundred kilometers), high speed and high payloads. Typical applications are maintenance of Oil- and Gaspipelines.

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