UAV für autonomes Monitoring mit Flugzeiten bis 2 Std. und Payloads bis 8 Kg.


Standard flight time 2 hours +
Engine Modified 30cc / two stroke
Battery autonomy approx. 6 hours, signal lights incl. landing lights
Max altitude 3000 m
Cruise speed 80 km/h (for best endurance)
Top speed 145 km/h
Total dimensions length 1650 mm - height 800 mm - width 500 mm
Rotor diameter 1840 mm
Payload 8 kg [ depending on fuel load and flight time required]
Total weight 7 kg [fuel not included]
Material CNC carbon fibre and aluminum
Maintenance Every 150 hours
Payload 8 kg
Range 100 kms
Weather conditions Operational
and storage temperature
splash-proof, temperature range allowed -15 to +45 C - drizzle rain
Max. wind speed 12 m/s

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